Summer Hairstyles With Headscarves

Summer is in full swing, which means flowy fabrics and bright colours—these don’t have to just be about your clothes, though. Headscarves are the ultimate summer hair accessory since bobby pins. Wearing a headscarf is a great way to cover any greasy, sweaty roots on hot days, or incorporating a beautiful, brightly coloured, delicate silk or chiffon scarf […]

Challenge: A Week Without Heat

We all want gorgeous curls or a perfectly sleek mane, but it’s no secret that our hair ends up paying a price for all the heat we put it through. While heat protectants and the right hot tools can protect your hair from damage, the sad truth is that there’s really no way to completely prevent heat damage—except, of course, giving your hair a […]

How to get a longer, thicker ponytail instantly

Through navigating the world of perfectly imperfect waves, shoulder-grazing lobs, the art of the perfect messy bun or choosing the rights bangs for your face shape,  there is one hairstyle you can always count on to get you through a night out, the workday, or a workout…the humble ponytail. Whether it’s a textured high ponytail, an elegant low ponytail, a stylish braided ponytail or […]

Another way to get heatless curls

Runway Ready Heatless Waves There’s something about the model-off-duty look that has a certain appeal. Minimal, no-makeup makeup, imperfect waves, and a classic outfit is the epitome of effortless-chic. This heatless waves tutorial will help you recreate the effortless runway bends you’ve always dreamed of, without a curling wand. All you’ll need to achieve this […]

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