Are you using the right shampoo for your hair type?

Are you struggling to find the best shampoo for your particular hair type? Have you tried all the expensive brands out there and still can’t seem to find the perfect shampoo for your hair problems? Do you feel overwhelmed when looking at the countless hair shampoos and conditioners both in physical stores and online? Why is having too many choices nowadays suddenly a problem?   

The truth is, not all shampoos are formulated the same way, and certain shampoos are more compatible for certain hair types or hair problems. When buying a shampoo, it’s important to look not only at the hair goals you are trying to achieve, but the ingredients and formulation of the shampoo you use to help you reach those goals.

So, with a myriad of options to choose from, deciding on the perfect shampoo for your hair type can be a pretty difficult task, but we’re here to help you find the perfect one.

Whether you need a shampoo for oily or dry hair, straight or curly hair, thick or thin hair, frizzy or fine hair, we’ll give you some guidelines that’ll help you find the perfect fit— something that’ll give your hair the treatment it deserves. 

No more wasting time in stores and online. Let’s match your hair type with the ideal shampoo for you.

Best Shampoo Types for Thin or Thinning Hair

Does leftover hair in the shower worry you? 

On average, women lose up to 50 strands of hair daily—even more after using a conditioner. That being said, many women lose much more than 50 strands of hair, especially after washing it. If you fall in this category or think your hair is simply thin due to genetics or some other reason, you may want to buy a shampoo made specifically for thin or thinning hair.

There can be different reasons why your hair is falling out, and we’ll get to them later, but a proper shampoo is a great way to start treating it so it becomes stronger and thicker.

The first thing you should do is look for a shampoo with thickening and revitalizing properties. Its formula needs to reduce shedding and promote hair growth instead of simply adding volume since, after all, that’s not really solving the problem but rather masking it. 

Of course, the best shampoo for thinning hair would both reduce shedding and promote hair growth while giving it more volume at the same time, so your hair not only looks fuller but actually becomes thicker as well.

Another thing to look for is natural ingredients and antioxidants like Vitamin E or ginseng that nurture the roots and encourage the growth of new strands of hair. Other hair-thickening ingredients include amino acids and biotin, as well as nourishing oils like menthol or peppermint.

Most Common Reasons for Thin/Thinning Hair and How to Deal With Them

Dandruff. If you have dandruff, this may be the primary cause for your problem. Look for anti-dandruff shampoos that treat the inflamed and flaky scalp.

Over-processed and dyed/bleached hair. If you regularly use a straightener or curling iron and/or have colored hair you frequently dye, you need to use a shampoo specifically made for over-processed and dyed hair.  

Severe hair loss. If you have a serious problem with hair loss, it’s best to use doctor-recommended shampoos with hair regrowth formulas. These shampoos can usually be found in drugstores or stores specialized for hair care.

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