How to choose the best hairdryer for your hair type

Did you know not all hair dryers are created equally? There are several factors you need to assess when shopping for a new hair dryer, including figuring out your hair’s texture, taking its length into consideration, the porosity of your hair strands, and curl pattern. Many women make the mistake of purchasing a generic hair dryer, only to realize that the tool isn’t working with their hair, making the hair styling process that much more difficult. Having the right hair dryer for your hair type can make a world of a difference not only during the hair styling process but after, ensuring that your style is locked in, your curl pattern is smooth and uniform, and your hair looks healthy and shiny. 

To help clear up some confusion, we’re breaking down the different things to consider and keep in mind as you hunt for the perfect hair dryer for your hair. 

First things first…what are the different types of hair dryers?

There are two main types of hair dryers out there that promise to give your hair that perfect blow out with minimal damage: ionic and ceramic.


Ionic hair dryers use negatively charged ions, which break down positively charged water molecules quickly, cutting down on drying time. Since negatively charged ions don’t open up the hair cuticle, hair strands dry smoothly and sleekly. You can use a lower heat temperature when drying your hair with an ionic hair dryer, and curls definition is preserved when using these hair dryers. While a faster drying time is great, it becomes easy to over-dry your hair, leading to damage, while fine hair may be left looking limp. Ionic hair dryers are also more costly than ceramic hair dryers.


The main benefit of ceramic hair dryers is the ceramic coating inside, which helps distribute heat evenly. These hair dryers sense the room temperature and regulate heat accordingly, to ensure that the least amount of heat is being used throughout the drying process, leading to a fast drying time and less damage overall. While ceramic hair dryers are great for reducing heat and speeding up drying time, they do not produce as many negative ions as ionic hair dryers. Ceramic hair dryers are most costly than traditional hair dryers (think drug store brands), however, less costly than ionic hair dryers.

How to choose the best hair dryer for your hair type

Now that we’ve gone through the differences between technologies, let’s outline which one is best for you according to your hair type:


If you have thick hair, you know the struggles of waiting hours for your hair to air dry or wrestling with your hair dryer for half an hour or more! Cut the hair drying time down by option for an ionic hair dryer. Ionic hair dryers use negative ions to dry hair (which dries the positively charged water ions). This is a fast method to drying thick and curly hair and helps prevents frizz.


If your hair is flat and thin, you are likely looking to add volume and thickness when blow drying and styling your hair. Therefore, you likely do not need the added benefits of smoothness and shine that comes with an ionic hair dryer. A common misconception is that high heat is necessary to dry hair, however, extreme heat can no only damage fine, thin hair, but does nothing for your hair in the style and bounce department. When styling flat, thin hair, it is best to use a ceramic hair dryer, which regulates heat levels to prevent damage to fragile hair, while creating lift in strands that are otherwise limp and lifeless.

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