How to wear hair clips like a cool girl

It’s not often that the hottest trend in fashion and beauty is functional, affordable, and flattering on everyone – but hair clips are it.

Some of the most highly recognized designers from Alexander Wang to Donatella Versace sent their models down the runway during fashion week with clips, pins, barrettes, and headbands making hair accessories the go-to trend this season. The best part of this look is the versatility, and of course, the nostalgia of the 90’s when snap clips took over hairstyles and got scattered around our backpacks, purses, and vanities.

Hair clips, however, have grown up since then, with more designs and options than just clipping two on either side of your part. It’s also a trend that’s no longer reserved for our little sisters, with women sporting the hair trend during their 9 to 5 or for a night out.

There are several ways to incorporate the hair clip trend into your look. Whether you are using them to keep your hair out of your face when you’re working, to add a pop or colour to a monochrome outfit, or to glam up your hair for a night out, hair clips don’t have to cost a fortune or require any heavy styling. Here are some easy ways to wear hair clips like a cool girl, without looking like you’re still in grade school. 

Business casual

Take it from the king of accessory designers himself, Michael Kors. “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit,” he said. No matter what your 9 to 5 is, we all have a go-to hairstyle that gets us up and out of the house as soon as possible. Whether it’s simple waves, a run-through with a straightening iron, or a topknot, sometimes it’s all about speed over style from Monday to Friday. The beauty of the hair clip trend is you don’t need much time to incorporate it into your look.

Use a metallic bobby pin or barrette where your hair parts if you’re wearing it down, wavy, straight, or curly. For straight hair, add a clip to both sides, or just one at the side of your part. Placing a few smaller or thinner clips or bobby pins just above the ear is also a simple and subtle option. For those with curly or more voluminous hair, choose bigger or more intricate clips or barrettes so they stand out from your curls. This little detail adds some pizzazz to your everyday look.

For more of a statement look, try out a jumbo clip at your side part, or gather some hair behind your head and secure it in place with a large clip.

If a sleek bun or ponytail is your thing, add a clip around the pony for some drama. 

For a more sophisticated or elegant take, on the hair clip, get your hands-on pearl-detailed hair accessories for that more grown-up feel. 

Chic and girly

Headed to brunch? A day of shopping? Or just grabbing a coffee with your girls? Hair clips can add a simple touch of personality to an otherwise casual look, making it totally Instragram-worthy.

Have fun with it and try out the layered look. Gather your hair to one side and secure a couple clips, one under the other. You can also mix and match with colors or textures for a bolder look.

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