Mermaid Waves

Whoever said you can’t be a mermaid? With a few hair ties, a comb, a brush, some hairspray, and a spray bottle of water, you can achieve the mermaid waves of your dreams—no heat required. Mimi is wearing 160g Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair extensions in this video to give her hair an added boost of volume and length.


Start off by parting your hair down the middle for this look, spraying your hair with water until it is damp. 


Then, divide your hair into two sections and create a regular braid on each side, taking extra care to ensure you are pulling firmly as you work your way down the hair. 


Finish off with some hairspray and allow the hair to thoroughly dry before undoing the braids.

Finally, unravel and reveal gorgeous, beachy, S-shaped waves! Your hair will look like the saltwater just worked its magic.

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